Team R.O.I.


Craig Darling. CEO

Inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in 1997, Craig has built websites and social media followings for customers around the world.  Founding the Darling Companies, LLC is the latest in a series of successful moves in the digital world.

Webinars - Websites - Social Media and Google My Business Management

Ryan is a crazy good adwords expert

Ryan D. Winkle

 Digital Media Alchemist / Project Manager / Adwords & Facebook Marketing 


James Miller

James Miller is a veteran digital marketer, devoted father, and tech geek. He brings his experience as a business analyst and project manager working for tech startups in the valley.

  Four years ago, he founded FortyWeb. He and his team of marketing experts can help take your marketing to the next level. Contact us today to schedule a call and see if we'd be a good fit for your business. 


Michael Kurtz

 Michael Kurtz has worked in the field of design for over 20 years. A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the field of Industrial Design, he’s worked in almost every aspect of design and media.
What if he told you that you could have a powerful brand, one just as powerful as Coke or Target, without a billion-dollar budget?
With his business, he’s helping small businesses hit the ground running by teaching them how to demand respect, look professional, and compete with the larger companies in their field.  
Michael knows how to grab people’s attention and never let go, how to tell a story that will resonate with your clients.  

the Brands

Darling digital unique and proprietary regimens that push your Google My Business profile.

Featuring GMB Visibility Regimes

Visibility Regimens for Google My Business.  Your business profile is at least as important as your website. (more so for local small businesses)

 Unique and proprietary regimens designed to deliver your content specifically to people most likely to do business with you!

Darling Digital can verify over 250,000 actions per month from Google My Business listings and share listings that are the top search result on Google search 80,000 times + monthly.  


The Resource 4 Project

Collaborative Marketing System that includes Go Daddy partnered websites, VOIP-com telephone & tracking technology, Powered by Google Search Profiles and a Darling Digital, proprietary, visibility regimen.  At least four times the relevance on search over your competitors at a fraction of the price that other digital firms are asking. 


The Visibility Institute

Small Business Owners, Sales People, Entrepreneurs, and Multi Level Marketers learn how to best use your Google My Business Profile and the associated free Google Tools to manage their presence on line.  A Google My Business profile is way more important than a website for local businesses.   Currently one small fee for life.

demanding dog website that helps fund animal rescue.

Demanding Dog

This website, featuring select products for  pets, was created to fund our ongoing support for animal rescue operations. 100% of the Darling Companies proceeds is directly funneled to these charities.  Pick something inexpensive and cool up today.  Shipping is always free. 


Since 1992

  • Websites that generate revenue.
  • Social Media profiles that maximize reach.
  • GMB profiles that are number 1 on search
  • Collaborative Marketing
  • Optimization ( mobile and search )
  • Free Digital Footprint Audit.